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Dell PowerEdge R330 unboxing photos

Just got hands on cheap, but brand new Dell PowerEdge R330 with SAS 300GB 10K HDDs and redundant power supply. Photos below.

P.S. Dell Inc recently started to cripple low end RAID cards. In our case PERC H330 Integrated Raid controller comes without battery, thus it is not possible to enable write-back caching policy.

Dell PowerEdge R730 server unboxing photos

A quick look at my new toy – Dell PowerEdge R730 server with 1.2TB SAS drives @ 10K RPM, two redundant power supplies 750W hot swapable / 80 Plus Platinum, iDRAC Quick Sync bezel, 256 GB RAM (16 x 16 GB modules), two Intel Xeon CPUs… Photos below…

MikroTik wireless router RB952Ui-5ac2nD unboxing

Upgrading my cheap dd-wrt capable old WiFi router with MikroTik router RB952Ui-5ac2nD (hAP series). Small, cheap, and capable. Running the same RouterOS software as enterprise devices. It even has two PoE ports (one for input, one for output). Photos of unboxing are below.