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Portal 2 screenshots – single player

I started playing single player portal in April, when we finished Portal 2 cooperative play. But because of lack of time I finished it only now. Below are some screenshots from the game.

Dead Horde PC Game screenshots

Today we got PC Game – Dead Horde with discount. Played in co-op mode. Below are some screenshots.

Pros: it is cheap game.
Cons: can not use advanced mouse buttons.

Note: Local co-op is not LAN cooperative. It is co-op on single PC. Use Online option for network play.

More Dead Horde screenshots from Player 2.

Taking screenshots with Android screenshot apps does not require rooted phone

All Apps on Android Market says, that in order to take screenshots you need rooted phone. What they do not say is, that some phone models like LG Optimus One P500 taking screenshots works without rooting the phone.

What is the trick? There is no trick. Just install App like ‘screenshot’ from Kastor Soft or ‘ShootMe’ form Johan Cloetens and have the fun.

You can even take the screenshot while playing game, see screenshots below. No need to connect to PC, no debug mode, everything works with standard phone with standard ROM. Thanks LG.

P.S. If you are owner of Samsung Android phone, then most probably you can take screenshots by pressing Back and Home buttons together or Back and Power, depending on your Samsung phone model. This works without installing any Apps.

P.S.S. Maybe this is the security hole – vulnerability that is waiting to be exploited?