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Successful software update for Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Today we tried to update firmware / bios for Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000) using Kies… and succeeded. This update should have fixed at least two annoying issues:

The fact is, that Missing Icons problem is solved. Icons are not disappearing anymore. About WiFi – need some testing, but we hope that it is fixed too.

P.S. this is Polish version… only version that are currently available here in Latvia.

P.S.S. as far as I understand, this is not a 2.3.3 but some version of 2.2.x.

P.S.S.S. it seems, that all applications and settings was preserved, except two Angry Birds – Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds… third – Angry Birds Rio survived upgrade.

Below are some screenshots from the firmware update process.