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Motorola Power Pack Micro 1500 unboxing photos

(this post was originally published on a1dev.wishmesh.com)

We just got another device — Motorola Power Pack Micro (Dark Canvas edition) with a 1500 mAh of capacity. It is directly plugable into your Android device, and is somewhat compromise between size / weight and power capacity.

Also, it features some tracking features…

Never run out of Power. Never lose your phone or keys again.
Charge any micro USB-powered device and get backup when you need it. Use built-in Motorola Keylink to find your misplaced phone or keys anywhere up to 30 meters from where you are… Motorola

Photos below…

Moto 360 unboxing photos + video

(this post was originally published on a1dev.wishmesh.com)

Just got hands on brand new Motorola’s smartwatch – Moto 360. It is one of two round Android Wear smartwatches. This one has Dark stainless steel case with Black Horween leather strap.

So far, on low usage it lasts almost 48h on one charge. Currently charging only every other day. Also, the original Motorola App “Connect” only allows to select watch faces from the build-in vs Android Wear App from all watch faces.

Currently paired via Bluetooth with Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, and it works flawlessly.

Photo gallery and boot animation video below.