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Chromecast unboxing photos

(this post was originally published on a1dev.wishmesh.com)

To enjoy better HD video experience on big-screen HDTV, our current HDMI stick collection have a new member — Google Chromecast. After a very easy setup and a couple software updates, it is very clear, that HD videos (720p and 1080p) are best viewed using Chromecest (particularly YouTube). Of course it does not have as many features as our TV stick with Android, and it does not support as many Screen Mirroring devices as our Miracast/WiDi receiver, but for one thing it is a clear winner — videos w/o jitter and lag free.

Also, some days ago we ordered the new Firefox HDMI stick called Matchstick. Currently it seems to be another awesome geek toy.

Enjoy the photos below!

Google Street View car spotted in Old Riga (Latvia)

Today I took a couple of photos of Google Street View car in Old Riga, Latvia. Soon we will have competition to our local Yellow Pages company 1188 that have similar street view project 1188 360 Map.

They (Google) are using vehicles registered in Germany. And apparently they are getting help from our neighbors Estonians. Regio.ee logo on their vehicles are from Premium map publisher in the Estonia.

July 28 Google announced, it is about to begin imagery collection in Latvia to improve Google Maps and Street View feature in its Google Maps.

Google to begin collecting images in Latvia for Google Maps Street View.

Update Aug 27, 2011. More photos from Delfi.lv.