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Online CPU Stress Test and Benchmark

Yesterday we launched a new project called Urih.com, that features very cool Benchmarking application written in Microsoft Silverlight. The main goal was to write a Benchmarking tool, that can be used as Online CPU Benchmark / Stress Test, that uses all available CPU cores. It is called SilverBench. Online means, that you do not need to install any browser plug-ins on most of the computers, because MS Silverlight is already installed.

Go to the CPU Benchmark / Stress Test!

We were unable to write application, that can utilize multiple physical processors / sockets. Currently it is not possible in MS Silverlight. Also, 100% CPU utilization of all available CPU cores / threads is not possible. I think, that it is expected behavior of web browser thread implementation. Here is a screenshot of average CPU load during Stress Test and Benchmarking. It goes about 90% all the time.

Another notable feature is history and TOP 50 charts of Standard and Extreme tests, where you can see scores of tests performed by various users around the world.

Also, note that Stress Test has very low FPS on modern computer. This is intentional, so we can watch progress as more CPU cores are added to our computers.

Intel i7-950 CPU unboxing images

Unboxing Intel i7-950 processor in photos.

Great computing starts with Intel inside
intel CORE i7 processor
8-way multitask processing
CPU intel i7-950 – LGA 1366

CPU Intel i7-950 box
CPU Intel i7-950 box top
CPU Intel i7-950 box open
CPU Intel i7-950 box contents
CPU Intel i7-950 contents - CPU, Cooler, Manual
CPU Intel i7-950 contents - CPU and Cooler upside down
CPU Intel i7-950 contents - Cooler closeup. CPU thermal paste already applied. Thermal paste included into package.
CPU Intel i7-950 contents - CPU closeup / HD