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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Backpack photos

(this post was originally published on a1dev.wishmesh.com)

We got another toy – Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Backpack (3,100 mAh). Model EP-TG935. It makes your S7 bulky and can charge it wirelessly for about 80% of full charge. Images of unboxing below.

Mobile phone with more than two weeks battery life — Nokia X1-01 unboxing

Just bought mobile phone Nokia X1-01 with more than two weeks battery life. I do not believe that battery will last all 43 days, but who knows. Today is the second day and phone is still showing battery Full bars. Currently testing it with one SIM card.

Phone model is from mid 2011, and some shops stopped selling this model recently, so this may be a sign that phone will be discontinued soon.

I need a spare phone with excellent stand-by battery life. First looked at the famous Philips 9@9 series, but couldn’t get one in the timely manner.

And one more thing. If you are using smartphone daily, like Android, then it may be a little difficult to configure this archaistic phone’s interface 🙂

Below photos of Nokia X1-01 unboxing.