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LG Android – no response from the phone – Backup failed

Today, trying to backup Contacts and Calendar for my Android phone – LG P500 Optimus using LG PC Suite IV, I received the following error:
No response from the phone - Backup failed

Tried some more, tried unplug USB, etc., still no luck.

After playing a while, I noticed, that backup process / progress indicator stops right after phone screen turns off into sleep mode. So, I tried to go to Settings – Display – Screen timeout – 30 minutes. That fixed backup problem.

LG P500 Optimus One quick unboxing images

Here are a couple of my new Android phone photos – LG P500 Optimus One.

I bought it because of 4 features:

  • GPS – need when traveling / mushroom hunting
  • Wi-Fi – quick Internet w/o laptop
  • Touch screen – again, Internet and usability
  • Android – cheap / apps / open platform

As a bonus got Car Cradle.

Full specs for LG P500.