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How to get shortcut to Call Log for Android Phone LG P500 Optimus One

LG P500 Optimus One is one of the Android phones, that do not have call button. To compensate that I need a direct shortcut to call log. I have tried various dialers, including Dialer One, however standard Call Log is all what I need.

To get a desktop shortcut to Call Log for Android Phone, I use program Called AnyCut (available via Market), and then:

  • Click on desktop where you want the shortcut
  • Tap on Shortcuts
  • Then on Any Cut
  • Then Make your own
  • Then fill the fields:
    • Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
    • Data: content://call_log/calls
    • Type:

I am sorry, than I can not provide link back to original article, because Google does not seems to find it anymore.

How to unbrick LG P500 Android after failed software update

UPDATE Aug 30, 2012. Consider updating your Optimus One with CyanogenMod — CM7 or CM9. LG Optimus One, P500, V in xda-developers. Original CM ROMs for Optimus One.

I was trying to update my Android Phone LG P500 Optimus One, because it is possible that updating to version 2.2.1 will solve ‘SD card unexpectedly removed’ problem (see issue 9736).

On a side note: LG is a very large and old company. It is founded in 1958 and now employs more then 82 000 workers. They make great hardware at very great price, however they suck at writing software. They PC Suite is horrible. It require USB driver emulated via numerous COM ports. It hangs. It does not work after update, etc., etc. See screenshots below.

Last time I wrote that backup / sync does not work when phone goes into sleep mode. This time I have changed sleep time to 30 minutes, but I suspect, that update took longer time, and my phone gone into sleep right at the middle of the update process.

The result can be seen in the screenshots below. I bricked my phone. It gone into endless reboot loop, displaying only LG logo.

At that point I tried to connect phone with LG PC Suite, unsuccessfully I must note. The plan was bring phone to the service for repair.

Often I have great ideas while sleeping, and this time I imagined repair shop repairing my Android brick. There must be some way to do a Factory Reset for bricked phone. Next morning I did a Goolge search and found, that it is possible to do a Factory Reset in 2 ways:
– Main screen, Options, Settings, Privacy, Factory data reset, Reset phone;
– Remove battery, reinsert battery, hold down Home and Volume Down and then press Power button. It should ask for Factory reset.

In my case Factory reset didn’t appear. It only kept rebooting.

Then I thought, how the repair stuff will handle this. There must be a software, that can write ROMs for bricked phones. Again, I did a Goolge search and, found forum post in which led to [ROMS] Original LG Firmware list in forum

It turns out, that there is a software called KDZ updater that can do exactly what I wanted – it can update ROM in bricked phone.

I copied steps required to repair from in case it goes away.

You need to download the firmware of your device. Please check here the The_ERROR thread wich explains it very well:
[ROMS] Original LG Firmware list – xda-developers
Download KDZ updater and uncompress it – – online file sharing and storage – download
Install msxml.msi from the uncompressed directory
Conect your device (do not turn on disk storage) and run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe (Has administrator).
Select Type : 3GQCT
Select PhoneMode : DIAG
In KDZ file : Choose the ROM file you downloaded in the first step
Press Launch software update and wait (It will be 10 minutes or so). In your phone it will appear “Emergency mode”. Wait until it reboots.


I had to down load the drivers from the official lg site. when here you enter the code that is on the box the phone came in or under the battery.
Chose the your county and laguage from the drop down box at the top right of the dialogue box. Then from the middle you can choose the drivers. For some reason I had to find the files and click on them to install the driver.

Ok once you decompress kdz updater there are three seperate files to work with. 1. windows enabler. 2. msxml.msi 3.KDZ_FW_UPD.exe

You will also need to download the right file to restore with. For me being in Australia with 2.2 I needed V10a-00.kdz. You can find it with google.

Double click windows enabler and you will find an icon in the system tray at the bottom. Left click once and it will say on. Click and install msxml now.

Now you have to boot the phone into rescue mode. On Lg Optimus One turn phone off even if it means taking out the battery.
Press power – volume up – back (this button is next to the home button).

Connect to usb now. the lap top found new hardware and installed four drivers.

Then open device manager. Left click my computer – properties – device manager. You need to disable the lg modem driver. Left click on it and disable.

Now launch kdz updater. There will be a drop box on left set to 3gspt or similiar. on the right drop box set to diag. The long box just above the info box with a file at the side lets you browse to find restore file. e.g. V10a.00.kdz.

Double click the button below and let it do it’s thing. My xp laptop is old and slow. Took 15min. My phone shut down and came up with an error at the last minute. Anyway I rebooted and all was good.

Everything was the way I left it. Just had to re-root.

The only difference, I didn’t need a Windows Enabler. All went nice without it. Also, to get into emergency mode I first did press and hold for Volume Down and Back button, and only after then pressed Power button.

After I restored the phone, I launched LG PC Suite again, to see if I installed latest ROM, and it turned out, that it was not the latest one. So I clicked update again, this time I set up display timeout to 30 minutes and touched phone every few minutes, to prevent phone form sleeping. As you see in the screenshots, it updated successfully this time.

The last surprise from LG was sync. Before updating my Android phone, LG PC Suite asks to backup data – phonebook and calendar. It backed both successfully. After updating it asks to restore data form backup. I tried numerous times, and every time it failed with error message or crash. Shame on LG for writing so buggy software.

Of course I had another backup for my contacts and calendar. I did never trust a software that emulates com port over USB for modern Android phone. I suggest you not to trust them either. See Screenshot 6. It says:

As the usual end users expect only one time installation, they can suspect installation might go wrong.

Links to relevant forum topics:

Here are screenshots from all process with some descriptions.