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Portal 2 Expansion pack 2011 – Peer Review – Co-op play screenshots

Just finished Portal 2 Expansion pack – Peer Review co-op play with Atlas (blue bot). Screenshots from P-body (orange bot) are here.

Portal 2 screenshots – single player

I started playing single player portal in April, when we finished Portal 2 cooperative play. But because of lack of time I finished it only now. Below are some screenshots from the game.

JavaScript 3D games – part 10

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Today I found two JavaScript games with one common trait – 3D. Both are written in JavaScript without using any other plugins.

Cycle Blob – Play now!

Cycle Blob – Play now!

The concept of cycleblob is based on the lighcycles game from the 1982 movie “TRON”. Cycleblob is implemented using WebGL and HTML 5 canvas elements and is written completely in JavaScript. WebGL is a port of OpenGL ES 2.0 to JavaScript.

Torus – Play now!

Torus – Play now!

Torus is 3D Tetris like game.

That’s it. Have a fun!