Recent network outage for our sites hosted on HostGator


Yesterday our sites hosted on HostGator was down for a couple of hours (5h 34m). Now everything is up, and is functioning normally.

Bluehost and other popular hosting providers was down. This was due to Utah data center outage, that affected more than 5 million websites. More info from official EIG “response site”.

Reading some hosting forums, Twitter and speaking with colleagues, it seems, this was eye-opener for some, who didn’t know that Bluehost as of 2010 and HostGator as of 2012 are a part of EIG. EIG now owns more than 60 hosting firms.

Some of EIG customers are now wanting to leave, and they feel somewhat like customers of Digital River, who acquired e-commerce companies like RegNow, RegNet, RegSoft, Simtel, Emetrix, eSellerate, ShareIt, SWREG and more. They wanted order/payment processor not affiliated with Digital River, and there was a time, when only alternative was PayPal and some small processors. Here is one story, if you are not familiar with e-commerce and payment processors.

… every time you send a customer to a Digital River company they will take his or her personal data and monetize/abuse it to the limits of the law and beyond.

I witnessed how RegNow become total mess after Jessica Dewell left and RegNow was sold to Digital River. Total nightmare: consolidation, understaffing, incompetent/ignorant staff, information leaks, incident with ePassporte when some of developers almost lost their money, and many more.

Now this may be beginning of similar scenario for hosting companies. Brent Oxley (my hero in hosting world) left the company and sold it to the EIG. EIG recently moved our servers, and other HostGator servers to Utah data center. What we do? We just wait, and see how it rolls out… Hopefully good for everyone…

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