Replacing Samsung Galaxy S3 broken glass in 111 photos

Update Mar 6, 2013.

After using my phone for about 4 months I replaced the screen again. This time with the kit, that comes with LCD display, and I believe the original Samsung display. Here are reasons:

  1. Touch responsiveness. It felt somewhat non-responsive.
  2. Some clicks with my finger just disappeared. Not many, but still very annoying.
  3. Non original glass I suppose. It gets dirty very quickly, and touch feels a little sticky.
  4. Image quality degraded. Almost unnoticeable, but still…
  5. Almost impossible to use gesture for screen capture.
  6. And more…


Today I replaced broken glass for my Samsung Galaxy S3. It took about 2 hours without any hurry. Now my S3 looks almost like a new 🙂

Inspired from the:

Used the following items from Amazon:

Disclaimer: I am just sharing my experience. I know that I will drop my Samsung Galaxy S3 again, and I do not want to pay premium asked by the Service Center every time I drop my phone. So use this instructions and the above videos at your own risk.

11 thoughts on “Replacing Samsung Galaxy S3 broken glass in 111 photos”

  1. Now how did You use old adhesive, when you cleaned the LCD with a dry cloth???
    Would’nt the adhesive be sticky:D?

  2. I am considering this option and have looked at many “how tos” and YouTube videos.
    On the issue of using the old glue (or not) it seems that some kits do not include the 3M tape that is supposed to replace the original glue. In the picture labeled “cleaned AMOLED screen” it appears that there is residual stuff especially on the narrow sides where the new glass it so be intalled. I wonder if that could be cleaned up to where there would be nothing left. Then applying the 3M double stick tape would give a more even application. Is there any reason that one couldn’t use alcohol or other cleaning agents to get it spotless before applying the new screen? I’m guessing that the problems that arose after four months might have been caused by little gaps in between the replacement screen and the device.

  3. Ken Browne,

    1) I didn’t have 3M tape, and couldn’t get it here in Latvia, in timely manner.

    2) “I wonder if that could be cleaned up to where there would be nothing left”. I think I could have cleaned it up easily.

    3) Alcohol? Do not know, sorry.

    4) Touch responsiveness — I thing Samsung have some “magic”, may be pressure sensors or something like that, that helps to detect touches better. And by replacing screen, this “magic” is gone. This is just MHO.

  4. Thanks….. i want to know how is touch sensitivity after replacing the glass is it as good it was before..

  5. Suresh, I can assure you, that the sensitivity wil be the same:) Been there, done it. Even without the adhesive layer between the glass and the LCD.

    It works:)

  6. I dropped my samsung s3 how much does it cost to replace it I am in durban glenwood please

  7. If the process is followed there is never any later damage or loss of touch sensetivity?

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