Replacing Samsung Galaxy S3 broken glass in 111 photos

Update Mar 6, 2013.

After using my phone for about 4 months I replaced the screen again. This time with the kit, that comes with LCD display, and I believe the original Samsung display. Here are reasons:

  1. Touch responsiveness. It felt somewhat non-responsive.
  2. Some clicks with my finger just disappeared. Not many, but still very annoying.
  3. Non original glass I suppose. It gets dirty very quickly, and touch feels a little sticky.
  4. Image quality degraded. Almost unnoticeable, but still…
  5. Almost impossible to use gesture for screen capture.
  6. And more…


Today I replaced broken glass for my Samsung Galaxy S3. It took about 2 hours without any hurry. Now my S3 looks almost like a new 🙂

Inspired from the:

Used the following items from Amazon:

Disclaimer: I am just sharing my experience. I know that I will drop my Samsung Galaxy S3 again, and I do not want to pay premium asked by the Service Center every time I drop my phone. So use this instructions and the above videos at your own risk.