Samsung LE32D400 32 inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV unboxing images

Below are unboxing images from 4 class 32 inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV from Samsung (LE32D400). Model is old, but we need screen resolution of 1360×768 using HDMI/DVI with big pixel size, and this is almost perfect fit for $400 or EUR 280.

IT has always been cyclic; no surprises coming

Almost every company depends on networked computers to perform critical daily tasks. IT’s function is to provide and maintain the computing infrastructure.

Unfortunately, there’s MBA types counting beans and looking for places to save money. They look at IT and see a cost center; IT adds nothing to the bottom line.

So let’s start with a company with a healthy IT department; since they do their jobs, all the computing resources are up and running, problems are few and far between and quickly resolved.

The bean counters look at the situation and how much they’re paying IT – and see that everything is working fine. What are we paying these folks for? Lay them off to save money.

Things keep running for months but start to fall apart around the edges; the users fix some of their PC problems and work around others. At about 18 months or so something critical goes down; the Exchange server takes a crap or something similar. Now they’re in a panic; we need qualified IT staff, pronto. So they start hiring again (at a higher pay scale) and the cycle repeats.

Try not to confuse this cycle with the longer cycle that moves computing power from the server to the desktop, then back to the server, back to the desktop and now back to the server. “Cloud” is just BS talk; it’s dumb terminals on the desk and everything on the servers (again).

Working in IT is like being in a big game of musical chairs. The pay is good when you’re getting paid, but there are gaps between the jobs. Right now isn’t good for IT people, but in a year or two…

by Whuffo on Sunday August 21 at Slashdot. I could not resist to republish it, Original here.

Portal 2 Expansion pack 2011 – Peer Review – Co-op play screenshots

Just finished Portal 2 Expansion pack – Peer Review co-op play with Atlas (blue bot). Screenshots from P-body (orange bot) are here.