Portal 2 screenshots – single player

I started playing single player portal in April, when we finished Portal 2 cooperative play. But because of lack of time I finished it only now. Below are some screenshots from the game.

How to start a program on Windows 8 Developer Preview

Today I have installed Windows 8 Developer Preview and started to wonder. How to start a program that is not visible in new Metro style interface.

The thing is that when you press start button, it just switches between Metro and ‘old’ Desktop…

It turns out, that everything is very simple… When in Desktop, just press start, and start typing, like in Windows 7 or Vista… The new Metro interface will change to search, that will list programs based on what you type. Then hit enter key. See the screenshots below.

Using Windows 8 Developer Preview 64-bit. Build 8102. under VMware Workstation 8.

Olympus VG-110 silver unboxing photos

Here are some unboxing photos of very cheap 12 MP Digital Camera – Olympus VG-110 silver ($90) and Kingston SD card 8GB Class 4 ($18).