JavaScript 3D games – part 10

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Today I found two JavaScript games with one common trait – 3D. Both are written in JavaScript without using any other plugins.

Cycle Blob – Play now!

Cycle Blob – Play now!

The concept of cycleblob is based on the lighcycles game from the 1982 movie “TRON”. Cycleblob is implemented using WebGL and HTML 5 canvas elements and is written completely in JavaScript. WebGL is a port of OpenGL ES 2.0 to JavaScript.

Torus – Play now!

Torus – Play now!

Torus is 3D Tetris like game.

That’s it. Have a fun!

2011 links no. 2

This demo is the XNA 3.1 Platformer Starter Kit, compiled from C# to JavaScript using JSIL, my open-source C# to JavaScript compiler. It should run in any browser that supports HTML5 and a modern version of JavaScript, no plugins required.

By 2024, business servers worldwide will annually process the digital equivalent of a stack of books extending more than 4.37 light-years to Alpha Centauri, the scientists say. Read more.

A programmer named Grant Galitz has released a GameBoy Color emulator written in HTML5/JavaScript. Story at Slashdot.

7 days using only keyboard shortcuts – No mouse, no trackpad, no problem? is Ms Pac-Man competition where you may submit AI controllers for either or both Ms Pac-Man and the ghost team.

HTML5 Snooker. Written in HTML and JavaScript.

Dead Horde PC Game screenshots

Today we got PC Game – Dead Horde with discount. Played in co-op mode. Below are some screenshots.

Pros: it is cheap game.
Cons: can not use advanced mouse buttons.

Note: Local co-op is not LAN cooperative. It is co-op on single PC. Use Online option for network play.

More Dead Horde screenshots from Player 2.