Android issues stays unresolved for very long time aka Android alarm clock failed to make any sound today

Today my Android failed to wake me up. I know there was some problems with Apple iPhones, but I haven’t heard anything bad about Android alarm clock.

Android version 2.2.1, phone was plugged into charger, no vibrate, no any sound… I overslept…

From my previous experience of unresolved Android issues, I started to search for alarm clock problems in Android bugtracker for alarm… misses… unreliable… problem… skip… fail… Results are shocking – there are unresolved issues regarding skipped wakeup alarms beginning Oct 28, 2008… all issues full with comments from users experiencing the same / similar problems.

Here are some of issues with some comment citations:

Issue 1109: No sound or vibrate by alarm clock when set to be on.

I have samsung galaxy s (i9000) with 2.1 and I have the same issue…
I’m amazed that this issue hasn’t been addressed yet – it’s been many years! …

Issue 9974: Time stops updating whilst phone is asleep (causing alarm clock to fail).

Google has known about this issue for years. It’s mentioned under different entrys on alarm bugs, some of them verified and with high priority. But they havent found a way to fix it yet, or haven’t cared enough to try.

Issue 10811: [Alarm Clock] Poor reliability, sometimes the alarm simply skip

Issue 9524: [Alarm Clock] Alarm doesn’t get triggered as per scheduled, triggered only when phone gets turned on manually after alarm set time!

Same problem in Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo 2.2.1.
Also issue 1109 reported.

Issue 7398: Alarm doesn’t go off before I unlock the screen, with alarm sound [On].

Issue 8141: Alarmclock unreliable

for me, it seems to only be a problem if I’ve left it on the charger overnight.

Issue 9853: Alarm skips/misses one or more scheduled alarm because alarm scheduling after an alarm dismissal does not take into account the scheduled day

I have the same problem. Does anyone know if this bug is fixed in Froyo?