Robots Are People Too – JavaScript game – part 8

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Today I found a platformer game for two players – Robots Are People Too (RAPT for short). Thanks to USB keyboard, two players can play simultaneously on separate keyboards connected to the same computer – two keyboards in one computer. No more old key conflicts.

Play it now!

Screenshot for RAPT

From author:

RAPT is a complex and challenging HTML5 platformer. The exit to each level is blocked by enemies that roll, jump, fly, and shoot to prevent escape at all costs. Gameplay is exclusively two-player and uses a unique split-screen mechanic. The levels and enemies are designed to promote cooperation between players.

The game and the editor are written entirely in JavaScript using just the HTML5 canvas API and some jQuery, and the server is written in Rails. Our code base contains a little over 20,000 lines of JavaScript and it’s all open source on Github.

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