The Best 10 Silverlight Games

Here is my list of top 10 Silverlight (somewhat competitor to Adobe Flash) games, rated by quality, gameplay, sound / music, design etc. There are lots of crappy Silverlight games out there. Actually, most of Silverlight games sucks hard compared to Flash games.

DaoDao. Connect two tiles. Play Now!
DaoDao Game

Shinguru the Ninja. Addictive game played only with space button on keyboard. Play Now!
Shinguru the Ninja Game

Dr. Popper (ball game). Find and destroy balls of the same color. Play Now!
Dr. Popper (ball game)

Silver Arcanoid. Arkanoid / Breakout like game. Play Now!
Silver Arcanoid Game

Dot Killer. Another addictive and hard shooting game. Play Now!
Dot Killer Game

Block Rogue. Interesting and nicely done puzzle game. Play Now!
Block Rogue Game

Area Tower Defense. Classic tower defense game in Silverlight. Play Now!
Area Tower Defense

Mahjonged. Online version of Mahjong. Play Now!
Mahjonged Silverlight Game

Klotski is a sliding block puzzle game. Play Now!
Klotski Game

Ice Breakers. Try to break all ice crystals with falling balls. Play Now!
Ice Breakers Game

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