Much more JavaScript, DHTML and HTML 5 games – part 5

This is Part 5 in JavaScript games series.
Part 1 of JavaScript games – free, online, without plugins
Part 2 JavaScript games part 2 – Crystal Galaxy
Part 3 JavaScript / HTML 5 games
Part 4 – Google Pacman

Galactic Plunder
Game is written in JavaScript using the HTML5 Canvas and Audio objects. The first level of the game is fully implemented, and the second is in development. Works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome. Play now!
JavaScriptGaming dot com is developed by Jacob Seidelin – JavaScript enthusiast and freelance web developer. It contains many JavaScript games browsable by categories. Note, that some games / links are outdated / invalid.

Some cool 3D JavaScript games from
Including Wolfenstein 3D

Some well done Arcade games from

Including Commando 21c


Some games in Platformer genre from
Including very nice dome game – Lands of Kachitoria

And many more:

Many JavaScript games are written by BRENT SILBY aka “MAESTRO B” and are hosted on

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