ATI Eyefinity with 3 monitors and Color scheme problem solved (kindof)

Some time ago I bought ATI 5750 Eyefinity edition to use with 3 computer displays. The problem was, that it is impossible to use 3rd monitor with ‘passive DisplayPort to DVI cable’.

The solution for me was to use second video card, which led to another problem / error – The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic.

Yesterday I solved both problems by buying a new HP ZR24w 24-inch LCD Monitor with 3 inputs – VGA, DVI-D and DisplayPort and 5 USB 2.0. It is an expensive monitor (~600 USD including VAT), but monitor has nice ‘Pivot rotation’ feature and Native resolution 1920 x 1200.

So my new setup:

  • LG 37″ LCD TV Full HD – using hdmi – hdmi cable
  • HP 24″ LCD 1200×1920 – using DisplayPort – DisplayPort cable
  • Samsung 19″ LCD – using DVI – VGA (D-sub) – VGA cable

Old setup:

New setup:

My old Samsung 22″ LCD 1680×1050 goes to 2 monitor setup – 46 inch Samsung LE46B55 + Samsung 22″. This setup runs on two EVGA GTX470 cards in SLI mode.

CSS Games (Cascading Style Sheets games)

Everyone is aware that in web browser you can see flashing ads and that you can play video games in browser. There is no magic anymore if in browser something moves or animates. There are quite popular web games like FarmVille and its countless variations.

It is possible to create games for web browser entirely in JavaScript.

But that not all. Some have managed to create games for web using HTML and CSS alone. These games works without any plugins / addons and with JavaScript disabled.

Amazing CSS puzzle. Play now!

Puzzling CSS. Play Now!