ATI Eyefinity with 3 monitors – Unable to save display settings

Today I bought ATI 5750 Eyefinity edition. I wanted to enable 3 monitors with one video card as advertised. My setup:

  • LG 37″ LCD TV Full HD – using hdmi – hdmi or DVI – hdmi cables
  • Samsung 22″ LCD 1680×1050 – using DVI – DVI cable
  • Old Samsung 19″ LCD – using DVI – VGA (D-sub) – VGA cable

Under Screen resolution (Windows 7 Ultimate), trying to add 3rd display (extend desktop to this display), it always shows the following error window:
[Change Settings]
Unable to save display settings.

I can enable any 2 monitors, but when I try to add third, it shows the same error. Some people have reported, that they have successfully enabled third display (for example Jeff Atwood from codinghorror). The thing is, that I have passive DisplayPort to DVI cable, but Jeff has Active DisplayPort to DVI, that cost $110. That’s insane! I can buy multiple ATI 3450 cards for that price and build at least 3+ monitor setup.

Now I am going to add one of my old ATI cards to existing setup, to fix this broken Eyefinity thing.

P.S. Also, I have strange issue with HDMI – HDMI cable when connected to LG LCD TV. With this cable I am unable to get satisfactory image (always black bars / borders and blurry fonts), so I am using DVI – HDMI cable. Some folks in ATI forums also have reported issues with HDMI – HDMI cables.

Update (thanks to Bill, July 12, 2010).
A maximum of 2 legacy monitors (VGA, DVI or HDMI) can be enabled simultaneously, provided that each monitor is connected either directly or via a “passive” DisplayPort adapter/dongle. “Passive” adapters/dongles will NOT support more than 2 legacy monitors.

ATI / AMD support site

15 thoughts on “ATI Eyefinity with 3 monitors – Unable to save display settings”

  1. I have a very similar problem, and no solution so far 🙁

    My Setup :-

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Saphire 5870 2GB (eyefinity 6 edition)
    4 x Samsung 24″ Monitors (DVI)
    1 x Samsung 46″ Series 9 TV (HDMI)

    All adapters are passive.

    I can display images on all monitors and tv but only 2 at a time, it can be any combination and the quality is great.

    I have tried most fixes, and may try and do a clean install of Windows on a seperate HDD to see if that gives me a different result.

    Will keep you posted.

  2. Hi.
    I have exactely the same problem with a Sapphire HD5450 with display port.
    In my Win 7 x64 with latest 10.5 Catalyst drivers i can use only 2 monitors togheter when i try to extend the desktop to my 3rd monitor (SAMSUNG UE32B7090 connected with a DP to HDMI adapter) i got that infamous error message!
    If you try to use only 2 desktops the Samsung works right (as an extended or even as a primary) but you can not have it working with 3 contemporary monitors.

  3. You can only set up 3 monitors using the 2 DVI and the displayport. I said displayport connector. If your monitor is not displayport you need an active displayport to dvi (dual link) adabter and Catalyst 9.10 or higher. Dell has them, part number 330-1270, $99. It is hard to find on their site but I bought one there. You need a free USB port for it also. I have 5770 card and had the same problem. Fixed now. Works perfect

  4. I bought a new pc just for 3 monitors. Box came with he 5450 but didnt have display port so i went and spent 80 on the 5570 with displayport.(Per a convesation with ATI tech support stating “the 5450 would not work without displayPort but if you get a new card with displayport you plug one monitor into DVI,one HDMI, and One displayPort. So i also spent another 300 on two new monitors and hdmi cables and im getting the same freaking error!

    Im pissed as i read the forums before box arrived, called support to verify, spent a bunch more money for the fix and its still broken!

  5. i have gigabyte ati eyefinity 6..i am plannin to stretch the display to 3 monitor one of them will be a display port…i will bw playing flight simulator..i even have a pro can i use the 3 lcd as one display and extend the display to the pro pit monitor?cuz when ill play flight simulator..ill fly with 3 lcd and drag the pro pit control to the pro pit far will that be possible..

  6. I have the same issue. My box has:
    1 DisplayPort
    1 HDMI
    2 DVI

    I’m trying to connect:
    2 monitors – have HDMI, DVI, and VGA
    1 monitor – old, only DVI and VGA

    Cables I have- 1 HDMI, 2 DVI, 2 VGA

    I also have the problem mentioned above where the HDMI-HDMI cable gives a horrible image. Not sure why.

    Possible solution: since the issue looks like I have to use DisplayPort to use a third monitor, would a DisplayPort to HDMI work? (i’d love to transfer audio this way and get that third monitor working)

    any comments are very much appreciated.

  7. If it helps anyone…. I have 3 26 inch Samsung ASUS VH226H and I had all three connected using cheap mini displayport to DVI adapters and all three work amazing. The monitors have built in speakers and also accept HDMI, etc so I just ordered 3 new HDMI cables and mini displayport to HDMI adapters on I will let you know how it works. If you have any questions on make/model of cables etc, let me know.

    BTW… if you are looking for amazing monitors at a reasonable price I LOVE my VH226Hs. They are some of the few that still run at 1920×1200 vs the lower 1920×1080 (1080i) resolution.

  8. I have a ATI (AMD) Radeon HD 6900 with a triple monitor setup (2 x Samsung SyncMaster 2233 and 1 x Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ) and all 3 monitors are DVI input only.

    Using 2 x DVI and a cheap cable I bought from “monoprice” for $10, and I am having the same problem as described above; any 2 monitors will work, but not all 3 at the same time.

    I guess I need one of those “active” converters and not just a straight cable to do this?

  9. I have an AMD Radeon 6770 with two DVI D monitors hooked up and I purchased a Displayport to HDMI cable, how do I know if its active or passive?
    P.S. Im new, can someone be so kind as to say what the difference is?

  10. hi i have lg 3D via hdmi for main and an acer 24 inch via VGA and im trying to connect 42 inch full hd tv keep on getting unable to save display settings ? can any 1 help whats the go how do i save settings

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